Student & Academic Counselling

Student Counselling

The Counselling Unit offers a free confidential service for the students of Spectrum International College of Technology-TVET. If a student’s needs require extra attention from specialist services in the community, an onward referral will be made by the Counselling Unit. The unit also conducts a range of workshops and seminars to benefit the students in developing their skills and knowledge to manage the stresses and challenges of College life.

Counselling offers an opportunity to talk in assurance pertaining problems that concern you. You will gain most benefits if you participate actively, attend sessions on time and by being open and honest with the counsellor. The counsellor can then help you with:

  • Exploring your feelings and thoughts on your current situation.
  • Exploring your problems and possible solutions.
  • Exploring how you might deal with things differently in the future.
  • Accommodation services.