Professional Certificate In Personal Care (Pedicure & Menicure)

Type of Course : Skill/Technical Course

Mode of Training : Face to Face (Theory & Practical)

Skills Area : Beauty Care Services (Nail Care)

Duration : 4 days / 32 credit hours

Level of Certification : Professional Certificate

Entry Requirement : School Leavers / SPM / Adult Learning


  • Demonstrates common competencies in Beauty Care (Nail Care) service as prescribed in the training regulations
  • Able to use nail care tools and implements in Nail Care servicing
  • Able to maintain nail care tools and equipment in Nail Care servicing
  • Consistently practices occupational health and safety procedure (OHS)
  • Independently interpret nail designs and structures in Nail care services
  • Prepare the necessary tools and implements for the specific nail care activity
  • Use nail care tools and equipment according to the task requirements
  • Perform basic preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Store nail care tools and equipment Identify hazards and risks
  • Evaluate and control hazard and risks Identify nail structures and designs

Nail Care Tools and Implements

Classification of functional and non-functional tools and equipment

Procedure for Sterilization, Sanitation & Maintain Tools and Equipment


Inventory of Tools, Implements and Supplies

Practice occupational health and safety procedures

Interpret Nail Designs