Executive Bachelor Mechatronics Engineering

Executive Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering aims to produce professionals with strong foundation and skills in the field of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. The programmes is structured to give the students the ability to analyze, operate and maintain electronics and mechanical instruments. Graduates of this programme have broad employment prospects in private sector. It covers areas such as engineering, production, design, analysis, development, testing and other related fields.


–     Control System Engineering

–     Electrical Power & Machine

–     Thermal Fluid Engineering

–     Sensor & Instrumentation

–     Computer Programming

–     Manufactruing Process

–     Mechanics Of Machine

–     Electrical Drive system

–     Engineering Materials

–     Analog Electronics

–     Digital Electronics

–     Microcontroller

–     Dynamics

–     Vibration

–     Statistics

–     Statics

Entry Qualification

  • Diploma / Exe. Diploma / Prof Dip in related field
  • Working Adults aged 21 and above
  • Competent in English.
  • Has a minimum of 3 years of working experience

Duration of Study

  • 16 months