Doctor Of Business Administration

Doctor Of Business Administration


Programme Description

Doctor in Business Administration provides a rich learning experience for professionals who aspire to pursue a postgraduate qualification and enhance their problem-solving skills and develop research expertise.



3-7 Years.

Entry Requirement

Master’s Degree in any diciplines.


Case Study, Presentation, Exam, Poject Consultancy, Thesiss, Dissertation.

Delivery Mode

Lectures, Case Studies, Presentation, Consulting Work and Academic Research

Subjects Offered

• Advanced Managerial Economics
• Advanced Organizational Behavior
• Advanced Marketing Management
• Advanced Strategic Management
• Advanced Seminar In Entrepreneurship
• Advanced Quantitative Analysis
• Advanced Business Research Methodology
• Advanced Research Methodology
• Advanced Human Resource Management
• Advanced Management Information System
• Advanced Financial Ma[lagement
• Dissertation


  • MQA Accredited
  • JPT Recognized
  • Reasonable Fee
  • Free Library
  • Flexible Study
  • Online Learning Support

Progression Flow Chart For Doctoral Dissertion