DKM Administration Information System

The program (NOSS) is focusing services on the business management and application of IT in the office. The core competency includes incoming communications, outgoing communication, filing administration, meeting preparation, data entry, application software basic maintenance, and application software installation & upgrade. The competency in level 2 requires the ability to handle and organize the business management activities as assigned by the supervisory personnel. Supervisory work at Level 3 business management is divided into two parts, namely supervisory and enforcement activities. The Supervision functions act as the go-between the superior and the subordinate staff.



The Office Management (level 2) personnel are competent in performing the following course outlines:

  • Incoming Communications
  • Outgoing Communications
  • Filling Administration
  • Meeting Preparation Assistance
  • Basic Data Entry

The Office Administration Supervision (Level 3) personnel are competent in performing the following course outlines:Β 

  • Office Operation Coordination
  • Business Meeting Arrangement
  • Procurement Administration
  • Staff Administration
  • Customer Liaison
  • Office Safety & Security Administration
  • Event Arrangement Assistance

Information System Administration (Level 4) are competent in implementing the following course outlines:Β 

  • Information system security administration
  • Coordination of information system maintenance
  • Information system user training
  • Information System Inventory Control
  • Information system marketing
  • Project coordination
  • 6 months

Minimum 16 years old

  • Level 2: 6 Months

  • Level 3: 12 months

  • Level 4: 12 months