Building Wiring Installation (Level 1 & 2) CIDB-BWI 2

Building Wiring Installation (Level 1 & 2) CIDB-BWI 2

Programme Outline

Building Wiring Installation is a course established by CIDBΒ to provide training in electrical installation workΒ and produce qualified skilled worker on Building Wiring Installation sector. The skill set of this course is mainly utilized in building, residential and high-rise skyline development process.

Course Outline

  • Safety & Hazard
  • Introduction to Basic Electrical Wiring
  • Understand the definition of symbols, layout and electrical drawing
  • Prepare and Select types and purpose of electrical wire
  • Circuit maintenance and its usage
  • Electrical wiring system for surface, conduit, electrical wiring
  • Test and Maintenance of wiring
  • English Communication
  • Computer Application

Entry Qualification

  • 18 Years old
  • Able to Write, Read and Calculate

Duration of Study

  • 3 months