Air-conditioning Mechanical & Ventilation Installation and Maintenance (Level 2) CIDB-ACV2

Air-conditioning Mechanical & Ventilation Installation and Maintenance (Level 2) CIDB-ACV2

Programme Outline

The objective of this course is to provide PV installer the required knowledge on photovoltaic in order that the technician may acquire the skills required to design, install, maintain and service PV Systems. The programme will in path skills to students allowing them to identify appropriate location to install solar polar, calculate Solar Radiation Intensity, Calculate Load Power Requirements, Calculate Energy Bank Capacity and install appropriately sized charge controller/inverters.

Graduates will have the required skills to maintain assembly and installation of PV Systems using schematic diagram, clock diagram, measuring and test instruments, components/parts specification, equipment data book and computers so that PV panel installed, electrical system installed, controller system installed and system activation, testing and performance in accordance with Solar Installation Standards (ISIS)

Course Outline

  • Safety & Hazard
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Introduction to Air-conditioning
  • Installation of Air-conditioning Mechanical & Ventilation
  • Maintenance of Air-conditioning Mechanical & Ventilation
  • Electrical Wiring
  • English Communication
  • Computer Application

Entry Qualification

  • 18 Years old
  • Able to Write, Read and Calculate

Duration of Study

  • 4 months